Batching Trolley From M.s. Channel (100/50mm)
    'A' Frame Type

  • Camel Hump TROLLEY

    Trolley is fabricated from M. S. Channel
    75mm x 38mm and M.S. angle.

  • Ball Catch Table

    Fabricated from M.S. angle,stainless steel 3mm thick sheet and also as per customer’s requirement.

  • Denim Cloth Roll Trolley

    Trolley is fabricated from M.S. Channel
    100mm x 50mm

  • Expander Roll Unit

    Construction outside rubber sleeve is as per customer's requirement.

  • M.S. Fabricated Main

    Entrance Roof Fitted With Polycarbonate Sheets

We are Supplying the Textile Machinery, Steel Furniture and Steel Fabrication Products as per the need of the customer according to the design given by them. Our tailor made products supplied so far as prooved to be quite worth some to our clients in all angles.

Company Profile

Since last Four decades, we are the manufacturer, exporter and supplier of textile machinery, steel furniture and steel fabricator of a variety of products to serve the Textile & other varied industries.

Our machinery has been acknowledged as one of its kind by the patrons of all the industries we serve. Our extremely talented technical experts, backed by their vast experience, take utmost care in the designing and production of the machinery as per the customers' requirement maintaining high quality standards. We ensure that our clients are delivered highest quality products within the stipulated time.


  • Coil Bending Machine

    Coil Bending Machine

  • Batching Trolley

    Batching Trolley From M.S. Channel

  • Heavy Duty From Square Pipe

    Heavy Duty From Square Pipe

  • Camel Hump Trolley

    Camel Hump Trolley
    (Horse Shoe Trolley)

  • Denim Cloth Roll Trolley

    Denim Cloth Roll Trolley

  • Chemical Preparation Tank

    Chemical Preparation Tank

  • Pressure Cooker

    Pressure Cooker

  • Roller Conveyer

    Roller Conveyer

  • Ball Catch Table

    Ball Catch Table

  • Expander Roll Unit

  • Heavy Duty Batching Trolley

    Heavy Duty Batching Trolley

  • latform Trolley

    Platform Trolley

  • Stretch and Recovery Testing

    Stretch and Recovery Testing

  • M.S. Fabricated Main Entrance Roof Fitted With Polycarbonate Sheets

    M.S. Fabricated Main Entrance Roof Fitted With Polycarbonate Sheets